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Kowhai and Sage

24 Individually Wrapped Crystals for Advent Calendar/ Christmas Countdown (PRE ORDER)

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 These gorgeous packs contain a mix of 24 individually wrapped crystals ready to place in an advent calendar or choose one from the box each day. These are a unique way to count down to Christmas in a chocolate free sparkly way! The recipient will have a stunning collection of crystal treasure by the 24th December.

This is a Pre Order and we will ship them in time so you can have them by 1 December 🌲

 Note that the items pictured are for reference only and the treasure you receive may differ from the items pictured. There are different crystals in these sets compared to last year, but there may also be some duplication. 

You will receive:

24 parcels filled with different raw, tumbled and carved crystals plus at least one piece of crystal jewellery. These sets are great value for money compared to buying all these items individually. A crystal ID card will be included as well so that you can identify what treasures you received. Expect each parcel to be from 1-10cm in height and 1-10 cm wide.

These are sure to delight children and adults alike this Christmas!

***Exciting update***

We are offering a super small number of fabric calendars.

- A ready to hang hand sewn, hand painted fabric advent calendar (45cm wide x 100cm long)

- 24 individually wrapped tumbled, raw, and carved crystals (with an extra special crystal for the 24th!)

- A storage bag to keep the calendar in so it can be used year after year

- A crystal identification sheet so that children (and adults!) can identify their treasures

- The calendars and packaging are totally plastic free

- Fabric is natural jute/hemp and un-dyed calico

- Hand embroidered with a pohutukawa (a recent addition we decided to add as it just finishes the calendar so well)

- Ready to hang

- Ships free in NZ

This is a Pre Order and we will ship them in time so you can have them by 1 December 

We hope you love these! We have put so many good vibes and energy in to these eco advent calendar packs. If you decide to purchase one, we thank you so very very much.

Shipped in a cardboard gift box with each crystal parcel wrapped in tissue paper. These are gorgeous gifts. No advent calendar is required if you don't have one suitable. Simply choose one out of the gift box each day!

Leave a note at checkout and we will add your personalised note in one of our cards. This way you can get this lovely gift sent straight to a grandchild, niece or any loved one. 

Please note - if you order other items at the same time, all items will be sent together in mid November. If you need other items before this time, please place two separate orders. 

Customer Reviews

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Advent Crystals💕

A beautifully boxed and individually wrapped collection of crystals. I looked forward to discovering and learning about each of the familiar and unknown crystals that I unwrapped each day leading up to Christmas. Thank you Kōwhai and sage.🙌


Absolutely Amazing!!!


Each piece received was absolutely beautiful I couldn't help myself but open them all. Was very pleased with the calender

Marion Moult

The recipient of the gift was absolutely thrilled with it.

Great Product!

Thank you so much! I received my crystal advent calendar that I pre paid for; Well excited is not the word! I don't have family that DO presents, so I decided to buy my own. This is so awesome. I can't tell you how beautiful and uplifting this was, at the perfect moment that I needed it. I couldn't wait, and I opened them all, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I truly needed this right now. Now I know this is a Xmas calendar, but let me tell you, this needs to be available ALL year long please. I've bought another, for myself, don't think I can wait, but I've just done a crystal room in my house for me and my friends, so thank you, I'll be back for more for my room ❤️ You've made me very happy 😊. Have a beautiful Xmas thank you, Cheers Louise