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Kowhai and Sage

Adjustable Sterling Silver Fidget Ring

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Dainty, discreet, quiet, quality silver fidget rings. These sterling fidget rings are perfect if you experience anxiety and/or if you like to have something to fidget with in meetings, school etc.

The rings are an adjustable sterling silver band available in multiple styles with small moving moving balls that you can slide and roll around on the ring.

Available in multiple styles

Sterling Silver Fine Adjustable Band with Faceted Balls 

Sterling Silver Thicker Adjustable Band with Smooth Balls 

Single Band with Textured and Smooth Balls

These are high quality sterling silver made by jewellers. They won't tarnish and won't turn your fingers green. Don't be disappointed by cheap fakes that will tarnish and break. We have tried and tested these and many others and these are just the best quality made by a family of silversmiths.

Twisting the little moveable beads works great if you need something to keep your mind off things like...

🌻Nail biting 


🌻 Smoking

🌻Skin Picking

🌻Keeping your mind occupied while someone drones on about spreadsheets, isosceles triangles, or the 100th story about their cat.

🌻Having something to do in pointless zoom meetings, or other "riveting" engagements you are required to attend.

🌻Or if you just need to FIDGET with things

Enjoy fidgeting fellow fidgeters xx 🦋

These will arrive in a gift box or pouch and shipped in eco friendly mailers 🌻🌿

Please see the fidget ring section of our store for more fidget ring options like moon and sun and glitter band fidget rings. 

Enjoy x 

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

I absolutely love the quality and the shiny silver of these beautiful rings, perfect for someone who fidgets or picks at their fingers, very pleased with my purchase.

Linda Brownie

I loved how the package came so so lovely & felt full of love, I will be ordering again.

Joanne Bell


Fidget ring

I love this ring. It fits on all my fingers, the little beads move easily, and I get lots of compliments. Thanks.

Michelle McDonald
Perfect Christmas present

For for my anxious new teen, practical & pretty, now I want one