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Kowhai and Sage

Fidget Necklace, Various styles with moveable parts

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Fidget Friend

 Fidget friends are moveable necklaces with moving arms, legs, tails, or heads move depending on the style but all have moving parts. These are cute, durable and are of a decent size (range from 4-7cm) so they make a statement and are good for small hands. They have sensory aspects to like holes, or raised bumps on the back. 

The necklaces are on a long 70cm chain so that you can see your fidget friend when you look down. The chain is also nice and thick making it durable for kids. Your fidget friend is easily removed from the chain if you want to put it on a shorter finer chain. 

Playing with these super cute necklaces is great for taking your mind off 

🌻Nail biting


🌻Keeping your mind occupied while someone drones on about spreadsheets, isosceles triangles, or the 100th story about their cat.

🌻Having something to do in pointless zoom meetings, or other "riveting" engagements you are required to attend.

🌻Or if you just need to FIDGET with things

Enjoy fidgeting fellow fidgeters xx 🦋


Choose from

New! Ted or Doodle Bear (remember those cool bears you can draw on?) These have love peace, and little symbols on them. Soooo cute ! 

Bunny Rabbit


Love Bubble 

Bolt Dude 

Robot Tool Hands 

Disco Panda (only head moves)

Dinosaur (tail moves)

Cutie pie 

These will arrive in a gift box or pouch and shipped in eco friendly mailers 🌻🌿

We recommend that you take these off while showering or swimming.

Small moving parts and chain, suprvise tiny humans 💕

Enjoy x 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
janine craig

Fidget Necklace, Various styles with moveable parts

Lee Grant
Very coll

My daughter loves her necklace, very unique and she gets lots of compliments

Amazing fidget necklace

Fulfilling the need of a young boy who has just lost his sister. Thank you. Such a great choice.


My daughter loved it. Bigger than I expected but it’s perfect.

Haley Stewart
Love it

Love this necklace, keeps me fidgeting through meetings