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Kowhai and Sage

Moon and Sun Fidget Ring

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JiHigh quality non tarnishing stainless steel fidget rings in a variety of colours. These rings are made to a very high quality finish by jewellers and spin beautifully and won't turn your fingers green! 

These fidget rings are perfect if you experience anxiety and/or if you like to have something to fidget with in meetings, school or etc.

These are perfect to help take your mind off things like:

🌻Nail biting

🌻Skin picking



🌻Keeping your mind occupied while someone drones on about spreadsheets, isosceles triangles, or the 100th story about their cat (love cats, but you get the drift).

🌻Having something to do in pointless zoom meetings, or other "riveting" engagements you are required to attend.

🌻Or if you just need to FIDGET with things

Enjoy fidgeting fellow fidgeters xx 🦋

These rings are a non tarnish stainless band and are just gorgeous and so much fun to spin. Available in Gold, Silver and Black and Rose Gold

These will arrive in a gift box or pouch and shipped in eco friendly mailers 🌻🌿

Please see the fidget ring section of our store for more fidget ring options. 

Enjoy x 

*** Sizing *** - Note that the best way to fidget with the ring is by spinning it with your thumb on your chosen finger. Keep this in mind when choosing your size. We think rings on the index finger are the most fun!

Please follow the instructions below to ensure you order the correct size.

 Cut a piece of string or paper to a length of around 10 centimetres (cm).

Wrap the paper or string around your finger at the point where the ring should sit. Pull so that the string fits comfortably around your finger - not too tight and not too loose.

Use a pen to mark the point where the end of the string or paper meets itself. Make sure you are marking the correct side of the strip!

Lay the string or paper out against a ruler or tape measure, and measure the length (mm) from its end to the point you have marked with pen.

This measurement will give you your finger circumference. Use it to find your size using the measurements below


These measurements are the circumference (the whole circle) of the inner measurement of the ring that will be touching your skin.

Size 7 - 54.4 mm

Size 8 - 57mm

Size 9 - 59.5 mm

Size 10 - 62.1 mm

Size 11 - 64.6mm

Sizing Tips

1. Always double-check your measurements for accuracy.

2. Your finger size can fluctuate slightly during the day, over time, and depending on the temperature. If measuring your actual finger, do so in the afternoon when your hands are warm for best results. If you fall between two ring sizes it may be best to measure another finger you would wear the ring on and see if you can get a better match. 

3. Ensure you measure the exact finger on which you intend to wear your ring (or a ring that you wear on the same finger). Your ring size will vary between your fingers as well as between your hands.


If you find that you have ordered the incorrect size, please email us within 7 days of receiving the ring and we will give you a return address. Please send back in original box or pouch in the same condition you received it in. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Once the ring has been received by us in original condition, we will refund your purchase minus original shipping costs incurred. You can then re-purchase in your correct size. Shipping costs will apply again unless your order is over $60NZD so please double and triple check your sizing before ordering!

Spin the pretty textured band with moons and suns when you feel anxious, fidgety.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Finn Mckenzie
A real help to my hands

Got these rings to help me with my dermatophagia, and they really do help, they’re great at distracting my hands so I have time to heal and more responsibly deal with any compulsive tendencies. They sometimes get a bit gummed up, naturally, it’s expected, but they are easy to clean and get spinning freely again. I definitely recommend if you need something to help keep your hands busy :)

Catherine Hunter
fidget rings

Another great product
We just love them


Exactly what I needed


Such a beautiful ring! Absolutely perfect!

Exactly what I needed

I just received my ring today and it’s already made a world of difference to my anxiety and hair pulling condition. it’s always been hard to find fidget jewellery that fits my vibe and this ring is just so beautiful. I love it and am so happy with how it’s already helped my this afternoon! highly recommend