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Kowhai and Sage

Sterling Silver Crystal Spinning Bead Fidget Necklace

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These beautiful hand made fidget necklaces are are perfect if you like dainty jewellery and if you like long lasting sparkly sterling silver jewellery. 

These also have the added bonus that the 8mm crystal bead spins inside the silver casing so are perfect if you experience anxiety and/or if you like to have something to fidget with in meetings, school or whenever.

Spinning the crystal beads works great if you need something to keep your mind off things like...

🌻Nail biting


🌻Keeping your mind occupied while someone drones on about spreadsheets, isosceles triangles, or the 100th story about their cat.

🌻Having something to do in pointless zoom meetings, or other "riveting" engagements you are required to attend.

🌻Or if you just need to FIDGET with things

Enjoy fidgeting fellow fidgeters xx 🦋

You can now choose sterling silver chain length! 

choose from 45, 50, 55, or 60 cm chain (see length guide in images and leave your choice in chain length box) 

Choose from the following range of crystal beads for your necklace

Rose Quartz - radiates love and compassion and positive energy

Amazonite - stone of truth and courage, encourages natural talents, inspiring and exciting you in new projects, clear boundaries to success

Obsidian - cleansing, protection, rid of negativity, courage, strength.

Moonstone - enhances positivity, creativity and intuition, embrace your feminine energy

Fluorite - assists with organisation, finding order in a chaotic situation, mental clarity and helps process information

Angelite - clear negative feelings of anger, resentment and anxiety

Labradorite - provides forward thinking and stability, helps to release anxiety, brings happiness and hope, and awakens the intuition.

 These will arrive in a gift box and shipped in eco friendly mailers 🌻🌿

We recommend that you take these off while showering or swimming as some crystals do not enjoy water.

If you get sweaty hands when you are nervous or fidget, these are a good option.

Enjoy x 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Granddaughter loved it she wore it once and it fell to pieces

Kyla Cockrem

My daughter was delighted with this gift, and as an anxious person it will allow her to fidget without being disruptive.

Haley Stewart
Good quality

This is a very beautiful piece and it's good quality

New addiction

These necklaces are stunning. I find myself having to buy new ones because I keep giving them away 🤣 the only thing I wish is that they had an extender like the gold ones so they could be made shorter if you wanted but it's such a little thing. Will purchase again soon I bet.

Rebecca Chatwin

Lovely necklace that is a supporting strategy to managing anxiety for my teenage daughter